Why is it important for Mexico?

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PROSPERA is creating a network of high-performance entrepreneurs in the food industry to produce functional foods; that solve a problem or the needs of a specific niche market; and inspire other micro and small entrepreneurs to work together as we transform our country in a land of innovation, and prosperity where everyone's voice is heard equally.

PROSPERA promotes the development of products with soul, where each of these carry the dreams and aspirations of working families by creating jobs in their communities in a dignified and formal way, while providing healthy and functional products that combine creativity with the Mexican traditions of our entrepreneurs. PROSPERA uses information technology to connect ,in real-time, micro and small entrepreneurs to the organizations that help them grow. In the PROSPERA network, international organizations, universities, distributors, raw material producers, buyers and governments work in a coordinated manner by one goal: the development of competetive SMEs, with efficient operations and functional products that are distributed in global markets.

Through this technology platform, PROSPERA and its partners can analyze in real time the general behavior of SMEs, new market trends, the challenges they face in order to respond, also in real time, and allocate resources more efficiently, in a timely manner and focused on the needs of the sector.