Meet our strategic partners

Activo Jalisco Sustentable

ACTIVO Jalisco Sustentable is a program of UNIRSE for Jalisco, seeking to boost the competitiveness of our industry through the development, implementation and strengthening of a sustainable culture. The program will enable businesses around the state, so that through the adoption of values​​, they can use full potential of their skills and/or processes, in order to have a more inclusive business environment, and to create values ​​and commitment to our communities and the environment.


The mission of the Food Industry Chamber of Jalisco (CIAJ) is to unite and represent all companies in the food and beverages sector of Jalisco, to encourage the creation of new industriesc, and create added value and export quality farm products through supply chains.


An organization created by private initiative committed to the improvement of a Mexico marked by unequal development opportunities in the lower social classes. Donari is a nonprofit organization in which 100% of the net profits generated by the sale of our products are donated to social charities.


The magazine  Empren•D arises from the idea of ​​supporting Mexico in its growth and economy, helping entrepreneurs to start their businesses properly. Mexico is a country of great abilities and optimistic people, SMEs take a central role in this nation, where every day sees new ideas and new business projects.

Expo Joven

Expo Joven has established itself as an important platform and meeting place for companies and the youth sector, in a manner that they can learn about different products and quality services that best suit each of their activities and demands. In addition, it also plays the role of information forum with the participation of experts and figures of interest to young people, guiding them and leading them during their training.

Jóvenes Su Periódico

The only publication for and by youth; addressing topics of interest and of use to the youth. Jóvenes Su Periódico, works as a space of expression for youth who want to convey to readers their points of view about current affairs, while maintaining an optimistic view and targeted toward the growth of the reader. With a presence in important points for youth such as universities, institutes and commercial establishments, Jóvenes Su Periódico is positioned as a useful information resource and innovation in journalism.

Mujer Emprende

Mujer Emprende is the first and only site in Mexico that produces business content for business women and women entrepreneurs. Mujer Emprende is a strategic business center which aims to empower women in their role as entrepreneur. Mujer Emprende is a network of more than two thousand female entrepreneurs where they can engage in business relationships, find clients, partners, share experiences, and establish strategic alliances.


Pangea intends to advise and assist organizations to transform the way we do business into a sustainable model. Through the implementation of strategies on par with most current global practices in corporate sustainability issues and corporate social responsibility, Pangea will improve business performance and achieve a positive contribution to society and the planet.


Social Responsibility belongs to all of us! That's why we created to disseminate good practices of social responsibility and support organizations who want to be socially responsible. Join the responsible community and help promote Social Responsibility!

Sé Responsable

Sé es una plataforma web que contribuye a expandir Responsabilidad Social y Sustentabilidad por medio de contenido público y de valor.  La misma plataforma es una herramienta de comunicación para todas aquellas empresas socialmente responsables: promovemos su marca y promovemos a aquellas personas y organizaciones  interesadas en  el desarrollo sustentable del planeta.

Sé is a web platform that helps expand Social Responsibility and Sustainability through public content and value. The same platform is a communication tool for all socially responsible companies: we promote your brand and promote those individuals and organizations interested in the sustainable development of the planet.

The Wake Cup

The Wake Cup: Soulafrica 2010 is a global movement that aims to communicate, sensitize, cooperate and support projectsand programs from people, organizations, institutions and governments that workfor social development in vulnerable communities in Africa.

TIC Americas

The Talent and Innovation Challenges of the Americas (TIC Americas) of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a platform of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to create and grow their business ideas. The competition goes beyond the development of a business plan to include support, follow-up, with opportunities for international visibility, networking, and market access.

USEM Joven

USEM Joven Guadalajara is an organization that seeks to transform the thinking of young people in the region towards corporate social responsibility. Obtaining this means that the business community has a culture of business significance as they are partners in a company until they pass through the stage of becoming entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Zapopan Emprende

Zapopan Emprende seeks to create opportunities for economic development of entrepreneurs and businessmen of Zapopan through training, funding, support and incubation. Zapopan Emprende provides funding to initiate or strengthen micro and small enterprises located in the municipality of Zapopan, with terms ranging from 24 to 36 months and an interest rate of 0 to 1% per month on the unpaid balance fixed depending on the program.