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What is Prospera?


Learn and Prosper. We teach practical business skills to local microentrepreneurs all around Mexico.

Through this training, We help them increase their access to sustainable finance, improve their products, increase their productivity and access to unconventional markets.

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Share and Prosper. An online community for microentrepreneurs, by microentrepreneurs.

Micro-entrepreneurs share best practices, lessons learned and challenges of their day to day lives. PROSPERA’s advisors provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs in times of need.

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A combination of product development and supply-chain management.

More than 2,000 microentrepreneurs have developed successful and profitable products that meet the needs of health conscious consumers with this unique combination of experience.

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Be Responsible

A marketplace for socially and environmentally responsible people, as a path to prosperity.

We bring unprecedented trust and transparency to a shopping experience where every purchase makes a positive impact in microentreperneurs. Featuring hundreds of stylish and unique products from around the country.

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Prospera Petitions

How do petitions work?

Let's stop the complaining and indifference! Act now to change the lives of thousands of people who fight for a decent job that allows them to thrive. Make or sign a petition. With your support, Mexico can grow. Sign a petition now to generate and sustain more jobs, to generate smiles, to create change! 

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You can see all the petitions or create a new one here:

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These are some reviews from our Prosperando's and socially responsible people

Let’s make Mexico a land of opportunity!
I loved the petitions. I recommend them.
I love Prospera's products! They are delicious!
I have a display in my business! It’s awesome!
I participated in the talent program! It was a great experience!
I love Prospera! The project, the people and their accomplishments.
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Meet our team!

Gabriela Enrigue, Fundadora de Prospera
Gabriela Enrigue González
Since June 2008, Gabriela has been consulting for the World Bank Group in the Finance and Private Sector Development Division, where she collaborates with the Doing Business project. She has worked...
Jesus Fregoso Cruz
Jesus Fregoso Cruz
Responsible for warehouse and distribution
My name is Jose de Jesus Fregoso Cruz and I'm from Guadalajara. In Prospera I am in charge of warehouse logistics and transport. I help families by safely delivering their products. My...
Macarena Hernández de Obeso
Macarena Hernández
General Coordinator
My name is Macarena Hernandez Obeso. I was born in Guadalajara and I'm an Industrial Engineer graduated from ITESO. I like to constantly give the best of me and feel useful. I love being part of...
Pachita Rosas
Pachita Rosas
General Maintenance
My name is Pachita Rosas I was born in San Luis Potosi. In Prospera I am in charge of general cleaning and supplies.Sometimes, I also help with packaging up products in boxes when...
Sandra Fernández Rodríguez
Sandra Fernández
Coordinator of general administration and finance.
My name is Sandra Fernández, I graduated with a degree in industrial engineering from ITESO.  soy egresada de la carrera de ingeniería Industrial por el Iteso. I am the...